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Leo's guitar playing and singing will add another layer of depth and excitement to any event, whether its a wedding, birthday party in your backyard or Christmas celebration at the office. Leo offers clients the option of requesting songs they want played at their special event, and allows guests to come up and request music. If you're looking for a duo, trio or full band, don't hesitate to ask- Leo plays with a variety of professional musicians, all who are happy to liven up your event!

Client satisfaction is always guaranteed!

Leo`s 10 years of teaching experience has included teaching 1-on-1 , large groups of 30 -50 kids, as well as adult classes of all levels . Under contract by the YRDSB and YCDSB, he leads glee ensembles, rock bands and ukulele classes. His specialty includes teaching Guitar and or Drum kit. Whether you want to learn how to improvise and write your own music, need to prepare for school or university music auditions, or simply want to play and sing your favourite songs, you are guaranteed to have a fun and stimulating time, and most importantly, success!

As someone who played in a variety of bands throughout the years, Leo continues to refine his love for original composition, often putting his skills to use under contract for other artists. He has written for solo artists and multi media groups such as, Mechanical Animals, Rock Warfare and has released a solo CD. If you need original music for TV, advertisement, or your own artists profile, look no further. Any style, any genre is catered to!

Mediterranean Dinner
Improvising Through Modern Styles
Slide(Frank Ocean Cover) - Leo Orlov
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Capoeira - Leo Orlov
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Only one - Leo Orlov
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What A Dance - Leo Orlov
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